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These translations of the final project paper, LD Support for Teachers Worldwide, have been made available to you at no cost thanks to the kind efforts of many people.  The name of the author primarily responsible for the translation appears at the end of that page.


We would be remiss not to publicly thank Melanie Salava and Eileen Wiley, both of AWC Luxembourg, for their extensive work in securing translations for this project.  The majority of the translations that appear below are due to their efforts.  Thank you, ladies.


Many of these translations are not official ones.  They have been provided by volunteers, and we thank them for their efforts.  If you come across any errors, please report them at .


If you are able to provide a translation for a language that is not yet represented, we would be delighted.  One of the major purposes of this project is to place it the hands of as many people as possible throughout the world.  Again, contact if you are willing to help.




Students Who Learn Differently Overseas


by Susan van Alsenoy, AWC Antwerp




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