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Because of the rapid expansion of the Internet and the field of LD learning, links to websites and organizations quickly become out-of-date and/or disappear.  We have done our best to update these in this recent revision.  We apologize ahead of time for any errors.  If you wish to trace back any link that no longer appears to be working or to exist, go to and try typing in the address you are seeking.




Audio Tapes/CDs

·       Books on Tape: The following information comes from The International Dyslexia Association:

Sometimes it is helpful to have recorded textbooks for school or novels for pleasure reading. In addition to your local bookstore, there are organizations that have books on tape:

o      Library of Congress National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped - NLS Services to American Citizens Abroad

This program serves blind and physically handicapped U.S. citizens living outside of the United States of America who cannot use standard print library materials. With the cooperation of authors and publishers who grant permission to use copyrighted works without royalty, NLS selects and produces full-length books and magazines on recorded discs and cassettes and in Braille. Special cassette and record players are needed to listen to these, because they are recorded at speeds slower than those of commercial equipment. Reading materials and special machines are sent to readers and returned to NLS by postage-free mail. The book collections consist of recreational and informational reading for adults and children at all grade levels. We publish two booklets every other month that list new audio books, Talking Book Topics, and Braille books, Braille Book Review.

1291 Taylor Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20542
Phone: +1 202 707-5100

o      Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: +1 609 452-0606
This is a non-profit organization that provides recorded and computerized textbooks at all academic levels to people who cannot effectively read standard print because of visual impairment, learning disability, or other physical disability. Their 75,000 title audio library is the largest educational resource of its kind in the world.

Designed for students ages 8-14. Contains one student's description of his own learning difficulty. Has a section on computers and software. Many practical suggestions on how to study, do homework, and take tests. Also available is a book to accompany the tape, Many Ways to Learn. Order #4746.




Video Tapes/ DVDs 

Especially for Teachers


·       Dyslexia in the Primary Classroom
The BBC in association with the British Dyslexia Association. 1997. Running time: 40 minutes. Copies of the tape and an accompanying booklet are available from BBC Educational Developments, PO Box 50, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7EZ. This packet was produced as part of the BBC Teaching Today series.

·       Language Shock - Dyslexia Across Cultures
European Children in Crisis in association with the BBC. 1998. Running time: 29 minutes. Copies of the tape and an accompanying guide, which contains an extensive list of important addresses in the countries of the European Union, are available from European Children in Crisis, 1 Rue Defacqz, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: + 32 2 537 48 36. Fax: 32 2 537 92 12.
This Multimedia Training Pack is an essential tool for induction and in-service training for all teachers in multilingual, multicultural schools.



For Parents and Teachers


·       How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop
Lavoie, Richard D. Peter Rosen Productions. 70 minutes. 1989. PBS VIDEO and WETA. Washington, DC. PBS Home Video. Phone 800-645-4727; Fax: +1 (703) 739-8131.
The video is a tape of a workshop in which Richard D. Lavoie, an American expert in the field of special education, vividly demonstrates what the classroom experience is often like for students with specific learning difficulties. At the end of the workshop, strategies are discussed that can aid students, parents and teachers in effectively modifying learning techniques. A must for all support group and special education libraries.

·       Last One Picked . . . First One Picked On - Learning Disabilities and Social Skills
Lavoie, Richard. Produced by WETA-TV, Washington, D.C. and distributed by PBS Home Video, P.O. Box 751089, Charlotte, NC 28275-1089. Tel: +1 800 645 4727. Fax: +1 703 739 8131.  Running time: 62 minutes.
Playing with friends is a daily ritual for most children. But kids with learning disabilities are often isolated and rejected. This video addresses the social problems these children face - and offers some practical solutions for parents and teachers.

·       When the Chips are Down
Lavoie, Richard. Produced by WETA-TV, Washington, D.C. and distributed by PBS Home Video, P.O. Box 751089, Charlotte, NC 28275-1089. Tel: +1 800 645 4727. Fax: +1 703 739 8131.  Running time: 62 minutes.
Richard Lavoie offers practical advice on dealing with behavioral problems quickly and effectively. He shows how preventive discipline can anticipate many problems before they start. And he explains how teachers and parents can create a stable, predictable environment in which children with learning disabilities can flourish.

·       Understanding Dyslexia (with accompanying booklet)
Programme 1: The Dyslexia Institute's Perspective Programme 2: A Guide for Parents Programme 3: A Guide for Teachers Available from the British Dyslexia Institute (see Useful Addresses)



Especially for Students


·       Get Ahead: A Short Cut to Straight A's
The Buzan Centre, Suite 2, Cardigan House, 37 Waterloo Road, Winton, Dorset BH9 1BD. Phone: +44 (0202) 533 593; Fax: +44 (0202) 534 572. Island World Video. Running time: 60 minutes.
Based on psychologist Tony Buzan's "mind mapping" techniques, Lana Israel, a 16 year-old student from the USA, demonstrates this study, note taking and creative thinking technique for students. The method is circular, rather than linear and involves the use of color and symbols, rather than words, as a memory aid.

·       Getting Into the Driving Seat: Break Free of Dyslexia
A Day Video Production in association with Jools Dukeday Video Arts and The Tailgate Theatre Company. British Dyslexia Association, 98 London Road, Reading RG1 5AU, Great Britain. Phone +44 (0734) 351 927. Running time: 20 minutes.
Packed with useful information on how today's technology can help you get round dyslexia and gain control over your life.

·       We're Not Stupid: Living with a Learning Disability
Mandell, Fonya. Media Projects, Inc., 5215 Homer Street, Dallas, TX 75206, +1 (214) 826 3869.
A former Landmark School student who filmed and produced this moving documentary of her classmates' experiences with dyslexia. (Comment taken from The International Dyslexia Association website)



Computer Programs


·       textHELP! has created software to help people with learning disabilities improve their writing skills, taking into consideration the fact that these people have varying needs and varying degrees of ability. Therefore, the software, which contains such features as speech, a phonetic spell checker, homonym support, thesaurus, word wizard and word prediction, can be adapted to suit individual needs. In addition to their new Wordsmith, Version 2, which has just come on the market, they also produce two additional programs, Read & Write and Type & Talk. Their products have been designed to support users of Microsoft Applications like Word. Contact Charlene Pollock, International Sales & Marketing Manager, for further information. Email: Website:


·       GAMZ -- Card games and software using multisensory elements. This company will send a free demo disk upon request.


·       See British Dyslexia Association for lists and evaluations of current computer software.





Asperger Syndrome /Autism


·       Born On A Blue Day.  Tammet, Daniel.

·       Embracing the Wide Sky.  Tammet, Daniel.

·       The Life and Message of the Real Rain Man.  Peek, Fran with Lisa L. Hanson. (May 1, 2007) Dude Publishing/ National Professional Resources, Inc. ISBN-10: 1934032174. ISBN-13: 978-1934032176.














Especially for Students



o      The Worst Speller in Jr. High
Janover, Caroline. Edited by Rosemary Wallner. 1995. Free Spirit Publishing, Inc., 400 First Avenue North, Suite 616, Minneapolis, MN 55401.
The worst speller in junior high is an almost-14-year-old girl, named Katie, who has aspirations to become a P.K. ("popular kid") and start going out with boys by Thanksgiving, or by Christmas at the latest. As she copes, she faces embarrassments about her dyslexia, but becomes appreciative of her learning differences and the differences in others.

o      My Name is Brain/Brian
Betancourt, Jeanne. 1993. New York: Scholastic, Inc.
A book about Brian and his sixth grade year in school where he learns to respect his own intelligence and creativity, and embarks on the path toward managing his dyslexia.

o      No One To Play With
Osman, Betty & Blinder, Henriette. Academic Therapy Publications, 20 Commercial Blvd., Novato, CA 94949, +1 (415) 883 33 14.
Describes the problems children with learning disabilities face every day, including getting along with others and dealing with family crises.

o      Do Bananas Chew Gum?
Gilson, Jamie. 1980. Pocket Books.
A story for kids about a boy with a spelling disability, his feelings, and eventual understanding of his learning difference.

o      Get Off My Brain: A Survival Guide for Lazy Students
McCutcheon, Randall. Free Spirit Publishing, Inc., 400 First Avenue North, Suite 616, Minneapolis, MN 55401.
A wit-and-wisdom book for high school and college students which helps them to understand differences in learning and teaching styles and ways to cope in the classroom.

o      College and the High School Student with Learning Disabilities: The Student's Perspective
Wren, Carol. 1987. DePaul University/ Project Learning Strategies, DePaul University, SAC 220, 2323 N. Seminary, Chicago, IL 60614.
This booklet discusses, through the stories of two learning disabled students, what college is like and what students can do while still in high school to prepare.



Especially for Teachers


o      Ready to Use Learning Disabilities Activity Kit
Harwell, Joan. Catalogue #APP05.

o      Taming the Dragons; Real Help for Real School Problems
Setley, Susan. Catalogue # AST01.
A book of strategies for working with students with all kinds of learning disabilities




For Everyone


A step by step guide for parents and teachers to help children who have learning problems. It includes information about how and why to administer tests of visual analysis and auditory skills. It also features emphasis on language development activities and reading comprehension, perceptual skills, and development of an action plan to give each child maximum help.



















Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)



Asperser’s Syndrome









Homeschooling children with special needs



Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDDNOS)



Tourette Syndrome




Down's Syndrome



Cerebral Palsy


Mental health






In addition to the information presented below, Dyslexia International, located in Brussels, Belgium, has an excellent section of their website devoted to worldwide educational resources.  To check on your host country, go to . 






·       ADD-ADHD Cyprus

Susan J. Chrysostomou

            Founder & Executive Director

            An Empowered and Integrated AD/HD Community

            Tel: +357-22446592

            Mb: +357-99651995




            A founding member of the Learning Difficulties Network of Cyprus -








Great BritainEngland



The educational system in Scotland is different and separate from that in England and Wales.



·       The Dyspraxia Assocaition
47 Mount Eagle Drive
Leopardstown Heights
Sandyford, D 18
Phone: +353 1 295 71 25






The Netherlands

Netherlands Antilles











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