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The author would like to acknowledge with sincere gratitude the contributions of the following people and organizations that assisted with the presentation of the original report and subsequent additions.





JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Belgium, generously provided for the photocopying of the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Addenda and the entire Strategies to Support Mainstream Teachers Worldwide project.


OPEL, N.V., Belgium, who generously provided for the photocopying of the original March, 1998, report.


AVA Papierwaren, N.V., Belgium, made the generous donation of the folders which contained the original March, 1998, report and its attachments.



This study represents the work and dedication of many individuals and organizations. However for reasons of confidentiality, normally only the names of the participating clubs and organizations will be mentioned here and in the study itself. Most unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to the fact that some students learn differently. It is hoped that this report might help to remove some misconceptions and that in the future names might be proudly displayed without any fear of condescension, isolation, or possible penalty.





&/OR ADDENDA (99,00)


·                         AAW Aberdeen (99)

·                         Americans in Alsace (98)

·                         AWC Amsterdam (00)

·                         AWC Antigua & Barbuda (99)

·                         AWC of Antwerp (98,99,00)

·                         AWC of Basel (98,99)

·                         AW of Berkshire and Surrey (98,99,00)

·                         AWC of Bern (98)

·                         AWC of Brussels (98,99))

·                         AIWC of Casablanca (98,99,00)

·                         AWC Curaçao (00)

·                         AWC of Denmark (98)

·                         AWC of Dublin (98,99)

·                         AW of the Eastern Province (98)

·                         AWC of Edinburgh (98,99)

·                         AIL of Florence (98)

·                         US Women's Club of Fyn (98,99)

·                         AIW Genoa (99,00)

·                         AWC of Gothenburg (98)

·                         AWO of Greece (98,99,00)

·                         AWC of Hamburg (98,00)

·                         AAW in Ireland (98)

·                         AWC of Kristianstad (98)

·                         AWC in Liechtenstein (98,99)

·                         AWC of London (98)

·                         AWC of Luxembourg (98,99,00)

·                         AWC of Madrid (98,00)

·                         AWO Moscow (99)

·                         AWC of Oslo (98)

·                         AAWE Paris (98)

·                         AWA of Rabat (98)

·                         AWA of Rome (98)

·                         AW of South Wales (98)

·                         AW Surrey (99)

·                         AWC of the Taunus (98)

·                         AW Ticino (99)

·                         AWC of The Hague (98)

·                         AWA of Vienna (98,99,00)

·                         AWC of Zurich (98,99,00)

·                         Barcelona Women's Network (00)

·                         Chilterns AWC (98,99)

·                         Community of Americans in Southern England (99)

·                         IWA Graz (99)

·                         Ulster AWC (99)







o   ASChiLD (Association Supporting Children who Learn Differently), Antwerp, Belgium

o   Children with Special Needs, American Women of Berkshire & Surrey, England

o   Dyslexia International Tools and Technologies, Brussels, Belgium

o   Dyspel: Dyslexia & Special Needs Group, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

o   European Children in Crisis, Brussels, Belgium

o   Parents United for children who learn differently, The Hague, The Netherlands







In addition to the above mentioned organizations, many employees of international and national schools participated in this study either by filling out the questionnaire directly or by providing information for it, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kind assistance and for their interest.






Ahrnell, Ewa. Special needs educator, Soderalje, Sweden.

Alm, Jan. Department of Psychology, Uppsala University, Director, Swedish Institute of Psychological Assessment, Uppsala, Sweden.

Bleyberg, Peggy. Head of School, Berlin International School, Berlin, Germany.

Ilse Bielen, Pre-school teacher, Antwerp British School, Belgium.

Bodien, Philippa. Dyslexia Specialist, Head of the Dyslexia Unit, Jumeirah Primary School, United Arab Emirates.

Braden, Pamela Marchese. Third grade teacher, American Community School, U.K.

Cleary, Sue. Special needs teacher, Our Lady's Convent School, UK.

Cogan, Pauline. National Teaching Diploma, BA in Languages, Higher Diploma in Education, Diploma in Remedial Studies, BA in Psychology, M.Sc. in Neurolinguistics. Ireland.

Coward, Arline Burns. MA Education, Teachers' College Columbia University; 2001-03 FAWCO 3rd VP.

Cordery, Desmond. Teacher, Antwerp British School, Belgium.

Dixon, Gill. M.A., BHSc Hons, RGN, Independent Dyspraxia and Special Needs Advisor/Trainer. UK.

Dunhill, Allison. M.A. SEN (Special Educational Needs), senior special needs coordinator, The British School in The Netherlands, Voorschoten, The Netherlands.

Garvey, Sheelagh. Special needs teacher, Ireland.

Gibson, Harriet. M.A. Ed, British, secondary, ESL, teacher, Ecole Internationale Le Verseau, Bierges, Belgium. Executive board member of EC-OC (Europe's Children - Our Concern).

Hansteen, Judith. Teacher, AWC Oslo, Norway.

Hakiel, Nick. M.A. M. Counselling, Ed. S., educational psychologist, Seattle, WA, USA.

Henry, Marcia K. Ph.D. Professor Emerita, San Jose State University, Former President, International Dyslexia Association (1992-1996), USA.

Hensby, Caroline. Parent,, UK.

Hickman, Kay. Teacher, B.S., University of Massachusetts; MEd from Lesley College, Cambridge, MA.

Hoffman, Carol. Learning disabilities specialist, Centre for Child Evaluation and Teaching, Kuwait.

Hopkins, Susan. Special needs teacher, Sylvania, OH, USA.

Johnson, Kari. M.Ed, School psychologist, coordinator of student referrals, International School of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Kavkler, Marija. Ph.D. special needs specialist, Counciling Center for Children, Adolescents and Parents, Ljubljana, Slovenija.

Lafferty, Vivienne. Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Honilands Primary School, Enfield. UK.

Martin, Lynn. Secondary teacher, history/geography, Antwerp British School, Antwerp, Belgium.

McLean, Sue. Teacher. Luxembourg.

Midgley, Simon. Raising Achievement Co-ordinator, Rhyddings High School, Oswaldtwistle, UK.

Minder, Barbara. Parent, American Women's Club of Bern, Switzerland.

Moser, Irene. Special needs specialist, European Agency for Development in Special Needs, Salzburg, Austria.

Ontiveros, Susan. Coordinator of Educational Support Services, Antwerp International School, Ekeren, Belgium.

Owen, Jane. B.A. Hons, Dip. Sp. LD, Special needs specialist at The Dyslexia Institute, Cardiff, Wales. UK.

Peer, Lindsay. Ph.D., Educational Director, British Dyslexia Association, UK.

Pugh, Roger. M.A., Southern Illinois University, Achieve Program. USA.

Ross-Kidder, Kathleen. Ph.D. Department of Psychology, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., Licensed school psychologist, director of LD OnLine, WETA TV/FM.

Ryan, Frances. DE., Special Needs Psychomotor Therapist. Paris, France.

Sanson, Judith. Executive Director, Dyslexia International -Tools and Technologies, Brussels, Belgium.

Sharp, Sheridan. Dip. Sen(Sp.LD) (M), Sp. L.D. tutor (LEA), Caldicot Comprehensive School, UK.

Smith, Helen. Primary senco (special needs coordinator), The British School of Brussels, Belgium.

Sonslegard, Julie. Hornsby Certificate in LD. Bettembourg, Luxembourg.

Syme, Anne. Specialist teacher, Applecroft Specific Learning Difficulties Base, Herts. UK.

Thomson-Hale, Des. History/modern studies teacher, Oban High School, Arygll, Scotland.

Tunstall, Trish. Senco, Nottingham High School for Girls, Nottingham. UK.

van Alsenoy, Freya. Film editor and student, LD learner, Antwerp, Belgium.

Wagstaffe, Ruth. Special needs teacher, European School. Woluwe, Belgium.

Weavers, John. Special needs teacher, East Court School, Ramsgate, UK. Lecturer and author, Maths and Dyslexia.

Wilson, David. BA, MA, MEd. Advanced Diploma in Special Needs in Education, Modern Foreign Languages and SEN Teacher, Equal Opportunities Department, Harton School, South Shields, UK.







LD Support for Teachers Worldwide has been translated into a number of languages because of the kind efforts of many people.  Of special note is the extensive work done by Melanie Salava and Eileen Wiley, both of AWC Luxembourg, who have organized the majority of translations that appear on this site.  Thanks also to the efforts of the following individuals and groups:


Dutch: Translation by Robin Truyen for Susan v. A., member of the American Women’s Club of Antwerp.

French: Translation by L. L., member of the Association of American Wives of Europeans, Paris, France.

German: This translation was organized by M. H., FAWCO Region 5 Coordinator and member of the American Women’s Club of the Taunus.  It was reviewed by Gudrun Dziallas, Board Member of Dyslexia International – Tools and Technologies (DITT), Brussels, Belgium, and a former member of the American Women’s Club of the Taunus.

Hungarian: Vicsek Annamária, Napvirág Alapítvány, 1143 Budapest, Szobránc u. 19-25. II/8.

Italian: Translated by I. F.V.B., member of the American Women’s Association of Rome.

Norwegian: Translated by Denise Ringnes, member of the American Women’s Club of Oslo.

Slovenian: Translation organized by Predsednica dru{tva BRAVO, Dr. Marija Kavkler.

Spanish: Translation in Spanish by L. R. B., FAWCO Representative of the American Women’s Association of Rome and C. R., MA, FAWCO Region 8 Coordinator for Italy and Greece and Representative for the Benvenuto Club of Milan.

Swedish: Translated by J. C., AWC Sweden.







Very special thanks go to Emily van Eerten, FAUSA, who first saw the continuing value of this study, who consolidated and edited the original report and addenda, and who first put it up on the FAWCO website.  Subsequent additions were incorporated into the site by Emily and Alice Grevet, AAWE, for which I am most grateful. 


Much gratitude goes also to Roberta Zöllner, Munich IWC, for all her help with proofreading throughout the years and on many projects.  And to the two other proof readers for this edition, many thanks go to Sallie Chaballier, AAWE, and Mary Ann Moore, ME.


And last, but certainly not least, thank you to my daughter, Freya, who permitted her story to become part of this document.  This work is dedicated to her.





Students Who Learn Differently Overseas


by Susan van Alsenoy, AWC Antwerp




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